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Brand piracy

Brand piracy it's very harmful, because consumers might to be able to tell between you and the copy, hurting your trademark's reputation.

Brand piracy produces the dilution of your brand and diverts your costumers. If your brand isn't trademark yet, register it before someone else does.

What is brand piracy?

It's the act from which a third party uses a brand that is confusingly similar to another one, without proper authorization, exploiting its reputation and goodwill.

What can I do to stop brand piracy?

There are different mechanisms in Chilean Law to demand the cease and desist of the unauthorized use, and also compensation for the damages.

Prolonged brand piracy it's a common cause of long trademark trials. If you detect a competitor using a brand confusingly similar to yours, act fast so they stop as soon as possible

Legal tools for fighting brand piracy


Law on Industrial Property

Provides legal actions to request the cease and desist of the unauthorized use of a trademark, and compensation for damages caused.


Law on Unfair Competition

If the third party is exploting your reputation to divert costumers, it's possible to action against them for breaching fair competition.


Law on Consumer Protection

This law punishes the act of causing confusion among consumers, by the means of using distinctive signs that belong to competitors.

Our service: defense against brand piracy

We take care of designing and executing a strategy to defend you against unauthorized use of your brand, considering your budget and particular needs.


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