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Register a work

Registering your work is the first to give it value, secure the profits from it, and protect it from piracy.

Register your work and secure your authorship and rights

Why is it important to register my work?

The registration of your work it is a guarantee of your authorship, and protects you against piracy or copy. Without the registration, it becomes way more difficult to prove that you are the creator of the work.

What kinds of work can I register?

You can register a book, a song, a software, a photograph, a drawing, a website design, a sculpture, an architectural project, or any other intellectual creation.

What out for copies! Register your work and protect it from piracy, adulteration, and unauthorized use.

What benefits do I get from
registering my work?


Prove the authorship

Copyright allows you to claim paternity of your work, and prevent unauthorized changes to it. This right is inalienable.


Sell your work or part of it

If you register your work, you can sell it without fear of misappropriation of it, or that a third party may exhibit it or benefit from it without your permission.


Celebrate contracts over your work

Not only you can sell it, but you can celebrate all kinds of contracts of distribution, representation, exhibition, or any form you prefer.

Do you need to
register your work?

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