Transferencia tecnológica


Technology Transfer

The inventor needs to form aliances and draft contracts in order to continue with the development of his technology.

Technology transfer contract allows your invention to get to the market.

What is technology transfer?

In general terms, technology transfer refers to the procedure via which an inventor develops a technology, and hands it to a third party to use it or get income from it.

Which are the technology transfer contracts?

Are those that stipulate the terms in which the inventor and the third party agree to test, use or exploit the technology. They may involve different kind of contracts.

Stages of a technology transfer

  • 1


    We contact you so you tell us about your technology, who you want to license it to, and under what conditions.

  • 2

    Confidentiality agreement

    It is essential to keep the information regarding your invention confidential. For that is important, before starting negotiations, to sign a confidentiality agreement.

  • 3


    We check the aforegoings, and recommend the most suitable contract, and negotiate with the counterparty the essential clauses.

  • 4

    Contract drafting

    We draft the contract according to the aforegoings and the results of the negotiations.

  • 5

    Contract signing

    We coordinate the contract signing, and the fulfilment of all necessary formalities.

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