Patentar un invento


Invention patent

Patenting your invention is a necessary step to be the rightful owner of it, so you get income out of it.

The invention patent grants you exclusive rights over your invention for 20 years.

What is an invention patent?

It's an exclusive right that the State grants to the inventor of a product or process, only if it is a novelty, has inventive level and industrial application.

What is the patent for?

The patent allows you to get income with your invention, so you can sell it, license it to a third party, or distribute it in the way you see fit.

Do not divulge your invention! If you do, you may lose the possibility of patenting it. Patent it now.

Types of patents


Invention Patent

It normally is a solution to a technical or functional problem, not aesthetic. Can be a product or a procedure.


Utility Model

Has a lesser inventive level than a patent, and it consists of giving an existing object an additional advantage or utility.


Industrial Design or Drawing

Is any aesthetic creation that gives a product a new appereance. If it is bidimensional it is a drawing. If it is tridimensional, a design.


Circuits Layout

A tridimensional layout of elements that make up an integrated circuit, according to it's electrical function.

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