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Domain name defense

If you have gotten a communication stating that your domain name is in conflict, is it possible that they take away your domain name.

The principal cause of losing a domain name in a conflict is not having a proper legal representation

What is a domain name complaint?

It is a legal action that is filed against the holder of a domain name, alleging better rights over it, normally because of a trademark.

What is going to happen now with the complained domain?

The conflict will be resolved by a judge, who will decide who gets the domain name, the holder or the complainant.

Don't delay! An essential part of the procedure expires only 5 days after the online file is created. Get advice now.

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We represent you in the procedure for your domain, to defend it. We value your time, our service is 100% online.


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We have won over 300 cases against big companies. Your domain can be defended regardless of the complainant.


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As intellectual property attorneys, we can also advice you on the registration and defense of your trademark.

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Guarantee of success

With Defiende tu Idea, you only pay the total amount if we get a favorable ruling. That way you are certain that we want to defend your domain name as much as you do.

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