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Related rights

Related rights are essential for the production, recording or broadcasting of audiovisual works, assisting the creator in the diffuse of his work.

Properly protect your related rights and secure your just retribution

What are related rights?

Related rights are granted by law to those who help bringing a work to the public. For example, the interpreter of a song composed by someone else.

And what are related rights used for?

They provide the necessary legal tools for the third-parties who intervene in interpreting or diffusing the work for preventing imitation, piracy or unauthorized use.

Register your related rights! If you're going to interpret or broadcast someone else's work, make sure to protect your rights.

Who are the holders of related rights?


Interpreter Artists

They have the right to prevent unauthorized recording and broadcasting, and to demand a proper retribution.


Producers of sound recordings

They have the right to prevent reproduction and distribution of their sound recordings, and to demand a proper retribution.


Broadcasting companies

They have the right to authorize or forbid the retransmission, recording, and the reproduction of their broadcasts, and to demand a retribution.

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