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Trademark licensing

Grant licenses or franchising your trademark is one of the best ways of getting income without selling it.

License your trademark well informed, and in a detailed and clear way.

What is a trademark license?

It is a contract in which a trademark holder grants permission to a third party for using the trademark, in exchange for an agreed price.

What is a trademark franchise?

It is a type of license in which the working framework is also agreed, including the know-how and necessary conditions. E.g. fast food chains.

Steps for
licensing a trademark

  • 1


    We contact you so you tell us about your trademark, to whom you want to license it, and under what conditions.

  • 2


    Depending on what you inform us, we will indicate you if a license or a franchise is best for you.

  • 3

    Drafting of the contract

    Once the details are agreed, we draft the contract and review it with you, until you are happy with it.

  • 4

    Contract signing

    We coordinate the contract signing before a notary.

  • 5

    INAPI anotation

    Once signed, we take care of anotating it before INAPI, so the third party can also protect the trademark.

Do you need to
license a trademark?

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