Oposición de marca


Trademark oppositions

An uncontested opposition is one of the recurring causes of trademark application rejection.

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What is a trademark opposition?

It is the act by which a third party demands a brand application to be rejected, invoking the legal grounds established by law.

What can I do if I face a trademark opposition?

The best option is to appear in court and respond to it. If not, INAPI will resolve considering only the facts and arguments presented by the opponent.

INAPI requires the oppositions to be responded by an attorney. Remember to act fast, oppositions must be answered within the legal term.

Most common grounds for


Risk of confussion with another brand

The brand is regarded confusingly similar to another one for similar goods of services.


Abscense of distinctive elements

The brand is regarded as descriptive of the goods or services, or their qualities.


Misleading procedence, quality or genre

The brand is regarded as not coherent with the goods or services it distinguishes.

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