Revocación de dominios


Domain name complaint

A third party diverting clients by using a name that is similar to your trademark is very dangerous for your company.

The domain name complaint allows you to recover a domain name registered by a third party.

What is a domain complaint?

It is a legal action that is filed against a domain name, seeking to obtain the transfer of the domain to the complainant.

What is the basis for a domain complaint?

Normally, it is based on a similarity between the domain name and a previously registered trademark, or other rights that the complainant may have.

Don't delay! It becomes more difficult to recover a domain the longer the current holder has it. Get advice now.

Stages of a
domain name complaint

  • 1


    We contact you so you tell us about the domain name and the aforegoings, to evaluate if they are sufficient for filing a domain name complaint.

  • 2

    Filing of the complaint

    Depending on the previous findings, we file the complaint before NIC Chile, so the process will start.

  • 3

    Negotiations with the holder

    We contact the current holder of the domain name, to try to reach an amicable agreement.

  • 4

    Process and ruling

    If the negotiations do not prosper, the process will continue, and the judge will rule which party will get the disputed domain name.

Garantía de éxito

Guarantee of success

With Defiende tu Idea, you only pay the total amount if we get a favorable ruling. That way you are certain that we want to defend your domain name as much as you do.

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domain name complaint?

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