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Partnership Creation

The creation of a partnership is a essential step for every business that wishes to operate abroad.

A company allows you to organize your business, obtain tax benefits, and have a solid operational platform.

What is a Partnership?

It is a legal person, with its own estate, that administers one or more commercial activities. It can be made of partners or based on shares, that can be bought and sold.

What benefits does having a partnership has?

With a legal person you separate your own estate, so it's not compromised in case of any eventualities. It is also for emmiting invoices, and obtain certain tax exemptions depending on your activity.

Creating a partnership is essential for operating in Chile if your company is based abroad. Make sure to do it right.

Main tipes of partnerships


Joint Stock Company (SpA)

It can be created with a single partner, whose participacion in the partnership depends on the amount of shares. Partners are responsible only for the contributed capital. It is easy to add new partners, they just have to buy shares.


Limited Liability Company (SRL)

It can be formed with between 2 and 50 people. Partners are only responsible for the contributed capital. It is more difficult to add new partners, as the company itself must be modified.


Individual Limited Liability Company (EIRL)

It is a company created by just one person, creating a separate estate. It must have a single commercial activity, no more. It doesn't allow the addition of new partners.


Stock Company (SA)

It is formed by shareholders, whose contribution is valued in shares, and that are responsable for the contributed capital. There is two tipes, open and closed. The open ones are traded at the stock market, and are subject to control by the SVS.

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