Redacción de documentos legales


Drafting of legal documents

Having clear, easy to read and precise legal documents spares you from many problems and legal conflicts.

An important part of protecting your company is having flawless legal documents.

What is a legal document?

A legal document is any means that verifies the existence of a fact or declaration, and that has value as evidence. It can also establish rights and duties for one or more parties.

Why is the way a legal document is written important?

It is of utmost importance that a legal document has no space for double interpretations. There are countless trials that arise because of different interpretations of a legal document.

Do not wait to have a legal problem, avoid it with clear and detailed legal documents. Get advice now.

Main legal documents for a company


Employment contracts

They regulate your relationship with your employees, and the rights and duties of both parties of the professional relationship.


Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions regulate the rights of the customers that buy your products or hire your services, like the returns policy and other aspects of the after sale.


Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy establishes the conditions in which the personal data of your users will be treated, including the way you will collect data and the way it will be used, among others.



Also known as discharge of responsibility, it is a document that establishes the responsibilities of the author of a document or media regarding the users of it.

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