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Trade secret

Trade secret is a way of protecting knowledge about products or industrial procedures that give you a competitive advantage.

Trade secret is an effective protection and has no expiration date.

What is trade secret?

Trade secret is any piece of knowledge about products or industrial procedures, that provides its holder with an advantage over the competetitors.

What difference does it have with a patent?

A patent is a protection given by the state to whoever divulged his invention. Trade secret is not divulged nor registred, it must only be kept secret by the holder.

Care for your trade secrets! It is your responsibility that they don't fall into the competition's hands. Get advice now.

Steps to protect your
trade secret



Identify the information that gives you an advantage over your competitors. It could be a process, an algorith, a database, a commercial strategy, a manual, an ingredient, etc.



Restrict the access to that information only to those indispensable, and make them know that the information is confidential and shouldn't be discussed with nobody else.



Take the necessary legal mesures for protecting your trade secrets, like including confidentialy clauses in your contracts, and mark your documents that contain trade secrets.

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trade secrets?

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