Retención en Aduana


Customs hold

A misunderstanding in customs may lead to a criminal process with severe consequences.

An incorrect declaration or import must be swiftly clarified.

What is a customs hold?

It is the act by which a customs officer decides not to let in an import of goods, based on a hint of a criminal offence in the goods.

What felonies does the Chilean customs controls?

Chilean customs controls mainly the offences of smuggling, tax fraud, and the forgering of trademarks of the products that enter the country.

¡No te demores! Si recibes una notificación de retención, o una querella criminal, ponte rápidamente en contacto con un abogado.

Main causes of
customs hold



Smuggling is the act of introducing in the country goods without declaring them, thus avoiding paying tax at all.


Tax fraud

Tax fraud is the act of maliciously declaring incorrectly the origin, quantity or content of the imported goods.


Felonies regarding Industrial Property

Are those regulated by the Industrial Property Law, like the forgering of a trademark belonging to a third party.

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